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E​-​Book: Develop your spiritual self​-​care rituals

by Jouleeyah ◉

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    INCLUDED: this E-Book as a PDF file (obviously :-)), 12 really effective mantras including "Shreem Brzee", 5 healing meditations, 9 powerful mudras.
    PLUS: an additional PDF file with photos of all 9 mudras mentioned in the E-Book.
    AND: my very-easy-to-do version of Tarpanam/Ancestral Healing Ritual and info about Devas, Pan and Spirit Guides (PDF file)
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Shreem Brzee 04:48
Grounding 10:04


At first I wanted to call this E-Book "Get the most out of singing a mantra", but then I noticed that – while there is a strong focus on mantras – this E-Book provides you with tools for manifesting and for taking good care of yourself spiritually. So here we go:

This E-Book provides you with practices that can help you to succeed in manifesting your intentions by using mantras, mudras, and some energy work resources as your main tools. Like everything in life, this material is incomplete, of course, but I made sure I included everything that I find really helpful. And everything I share in this E-Book is based on my own experience after having worked with clients over the past 17 years (I started working as a Healer in 2003).

You can find all of the material in the beginning of this E-Book (with every action step marked in green) and towards the end, you will find a program that you can use to bring all of your favourite tools together and customise a practice for yourself. Your customised program can then help you to create a clear and conscious manifestation process which will make things easier for your mind, compared to a practice that would only consist of singing your chosen mantra.

Please feel free to ask me about anything that you don’t understand – either because of my accent or because you don’t understand certain terms or requests. I cannot coach you for free, but I am open to clarifying things via Email. And I always love hearing from you!

The chapters of this E-Book:
PART 1: Train yourself for an empowered state of being 

About mantras, mudras and energy work
About vibration and karma
Practice 01: The power of your thoughts
Practice 02: The power of your emotions
PART 2: Set an intention that’s supported by vibration
About nature
About setting an intention
Practice 03: Activate your intentions
About choosing a mantra
About choosing a mudra
About improving your vibration
Practice 04: Activate your true vibration
Practice 05: Request to make at the end of your day
About appreciating
Practice 06: Self Appreciation
PART 3: Keep the momentum going
About creating a spiritual practice
About creating success
PART 4: Create clean and clear energy fields
About other practices
Practice 07: Heal your relationship area
Practice 08: Heal your finances
Practice 09: Grounding
Practice 10: Unplug from mass consciousness
Practice 11: Infuse your five senses with your mantra
Practice 12: Access your wisdom
Other resources
Your program for this E-Book
Some final words

I hope you find this E-Book helpful and I send you much love.


released July 1, 2020




Jouleeyah ◉ Konstanz, Germany

My name is Jouleeyah and I am a Spiritual Healer, Musician and Artist. And I am specialised in supporting sensitive souls to be fully expressed – with the support of Spirit Guides. Healing Sessions are available worldwide, via Zoom:

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